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     The Association of Vanilla Exporters of Uganda (VANEX)
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Field Trainings.

After the training of trainers in Mukono ARDC, the regional coordinators and extension workers have begun to reach out to farmers to train them in the growing and harvesting of vanilla in order to ensure quality and increased supply.

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Importers can source cured vanilla beans direct from Uganda in quantity by contacting any of the exporters listed below. Facilitation services are also provided free-of-charge via the USAID-funded Agricultural Productivity Enhancement Program in Kampala.

APEP works with Ugandan vanilla growers and processors to improve production, postharvest, and marketing practices. It can link you directly with Ugandan exporters, facilitate visits to Uganda to meet with vanilla farmers and processors, and help ensure that export orders meet your specifications.

Serious inquiries by commercial buyers can be made directly to any of the following Ugandan vanilla exporters:

Uganda Vanilla Exporters

UVAN Limited
P.O.Box 31564, Kampala, Uganda
Mr Aga Sekalala Sr: +256 772 702 905
Mr Aga Sekalala Jr: +256 772 700 800
e-mail: sekalala@infocom.co.ug

Esco Uganda Limited
P.O.Box 7892, Kampala, Uganda
Mr Philip Betts: +256 752 755 066
Office: +256 312 261 601
e-mail: info@escouganda.com

General inquiries can also be addressed to:

The Association of Vanilla Exporters of Uganda (VANEX)
Contact: Ms Evelyn Kanagwa
Mobile Tel: +(256) 712 402 244
E-mail: vanex@ugandavanilla.com