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     The Association of Vanilla Exporters of Uganda (VANEX)
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About VanexThe Association of the Vanilla Exporters of Uganda (VANEX) is a non-profit making organization that is aimed at unifying Vanilla Exporters in Uganda and all other stake holders in the industry. | details »


Vanex launches website

Vanilla Exporters of Uganda (Vanex) has launched the new UgandaVanilla.com. This improved web resource will promote the Exporters activities and also help alot in increasing the market for Uganda's vanilla produce as well as provide information to exporters and would be importers of Uganda's vanilla. | details »

Field Trainings.
After the training of trainers in Mukono ARDC, the regional coordinators and extension workers have begun to reach out to farmers to train them in the growing and harvesting of vanilla in order to ensure quality and increased supply. | details »

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Vanex ExportsImporters can source cured vanilla beans direct from Uganda in quantity by contacting any of the exporters listed below. Facilitation services are also provided free-of-charge via the USAID-funded Agricultural Productivity Enhancement Program in Kampala | details »
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Vanex ProductsOrder now the best Vanilla Beans

– our Ugandan vanilla beans are the highest quality available. They are soft, plump and fresh. They hold the highest vanillin content that ranges from 1.8 to 2.5. They are prized for their wonderful flavor and freshness. The large soft beans are the best you will ever use and taste.. | details »

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Vanex weblinks These are useful web site links to Vanex exporters and other useful sites | details »

The Association of Vanilla Exporters of Uganda (VANEX)
Third Floor, Bakwanye House, Plot 26, Wampewo Avenue.
P.O Box 27000, Kampala, Uganda
Tel 1: (+256) 31 2261601 Tel 2: (+256) 31 2266887
E-mail: vanex@ugandavanilla.com